We believe in the 4 C's

Creativity, Confidence, Collaboration and 
Culture through the vessel of the
creative arts. 


Otero Arts Foundation

An "Earth" without "Art" is merely "Eh."  Help us support the next generation by developing their critical skills, which will enable them to contribute to society on a larger scale. 


Youth Programs that focus on developing students creative thinking.



Youth Programs that focus on developing students in performing arts. 



Youth Programs that focus on developing students working together on collage works of art. 



We collaborate with Cultural Institutions as a channel for students to gain exposure to the arts.


Why We Are Here

We believe the creative arts is a vessel for youth students to channel their energies in developing critical skills. Our students can go on and become anything they dream of...

Creative Arts is the Catalyst! 

The arts allows for youth students to express themselves without judgment. To transform old ideas and be boundless in the creation of new one's.

Donations are used to support youth programs where students are able to learn, collaborate, and create art. We also collaborate with Museum of Modern Art and Cultural Art Institutions that believe in our mission.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Reaching your true potential is merely tapping into your belief system. Change in what you believe and the world will change with you." - Omar O., Co-Founder, O.A.F. 

The foundation's mission is to contribute in the fostering of our future leaders. Our alumni's will not only prosper in art careers, many others will go on to be engineers, musicians, doctors, teachers, ultimately the new leaders of the world. 
All donations are used for youth programs in creative arts. We are a self funded organization meaning we do not use any donations to cover administrative costs. 
We seek partnerships with institutions that have a local & global outreach. We work with the Museum of Modern Art, Art Institutes, and other Youth Arts programs. Currently, the cities we are active in are Miami and New York. We look to expand in more cities in 2016.
We have creative art programs from ages of 7 to 18 years old. It depends on the particular program that is being offered at the time. You can subscribe to our mailer below in order to receive more information. 
We always are in need of new volunteers that are willing to contribute their talents and time. You can subscribe below in order to get more information about how to get involved. 

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